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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lunching @ Sorrento Beach Shack, Hillarys Boat Harbour (Western Australia)

One of our main purposes of our October trip to Perth was to attend our good friends' wedding. Hubby and his friend go way back to uni days, and I still remember hanging out with them at their 'bachelor's pad' (my dad's words) when they were housemates for awhile. I also remember meeting his lovely wife very shortly before we embarked on our expat life overseas almost nine years ago. It was nice to witness them (finally) getting hitched, and we caught up with them a few days after the wedding over lunch at Sorrento Beach Shack at Sorrento Quay Hillarys Boat Harbour. The venue was selected for its kid-friendly facilities, which included a small play area full of toys and fun stuff for the kids. Our friends reserved a table right next to the play area, so that the kids could play under close supervision while the adults chatted. Sorrento Beach Shack serves standard Aussie beach café food like fish 'n' chips, burgers, salads, pasta and steak, as well as a nice range of hot drinks, milkshakes and even alcohol. There is something for everyone, and there is even an extensive gluten-free menu for the gluten-intolerant. It is not the most value-for-money food in Perth, but that is to be expected at an upmarket location like the Sorrento Quay Boat Harbour. The comfortable laidback atmosphere is what will bring people back here regularly.

The interior of the Sorrento Beach Shack:

The dedicated play area for the young ones:

A Rekordelig cider and a cappuccino. The coffee was nice and smooth with no need for sugar:

I shared a plate of Fish 'n' Chips (AU$24) - grilled barramundi fillet with Cajun spice, side salad and homemade tartare. Good, but probably overpriced for what it was:

Hubby ordered the Steak Sandwich (AU$16.50) - grilled rump, with caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato & tomato sauce on toasted Turkish bread. In addition to cheese, hubby requested a few off-the-menu extras like fried egg and beetroot, so that the final cost of the steak sandwich was closer to AU$20. He really enjoyed the sandwich:

I don't remember what this cake was, but it was delicious:

This was like a lemon custard tart, and a very good one too:

The Sorrento Beach Shack is a lovely place to go for coffee or a meal with the little ones.

Sorrento Beach Shack
Shop 57,
Sorrento Quay Hillarys Boat Harbour
28 Southside Dr
Hillarys, WA 6025
Tel. +61 8 9246 4155

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