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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Jumbo sushi @ Fukuzushi, Furano (Hokkaido, Japan)

Japan is the land of delicious sushi, so it was only natural to enjoy delicious sushi during our ski/snowboard trip last month to Japan. The sushi at Fukuzushi goes one step further to offer the option of upgrading (for free) to 'jumbo size', though this just means extra sushi rice and the protein portion remains the same as the regular size. However, to the Japanese, sushi is all about the rice, so this sushi-ya is rather popular with both the Japanese and the foreigners for whom the word 'jumbo-sized sushi' (for free!) appears to be the draw. Hubby and I focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of food, and the sushi/sashimi at Fukuzushi are excellent. All the tables on the ground floor were fully reserved when we walked in, and we were shown to one of the tatami rooms upstairs. Service was as you would expect from Japanese people - polite and helpful - and Fukuzushi caters well to English-speaking foreigners by providing an English menu. As we communicated with staff in (broken) Japanese, I cannot comment on their English speaking ability, but I am sure there is at least one staff who can communicate in English well. We ordered our usual favourites, and enjoyed them all!

We were the first ones in this tatami room, but the other two tables were filled by the time we left:

Oyakodon (864yen) for the kids to share. Always a good choice for the young ones:

Unaju (1404yen), or unadon (eel rice bowl) served in a jubako (lacquered food boxes). We also ordered this for the kids but hubby ate most of it as unagi is one of his favourite Japanese food:

Hubby's Extra Special Sushi Set (3456yen), jumbo-sized. There was double the usual amount of rice, and the serving size of the toppings was generous too. Included ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin), shrimp, hotate (scallop), kani (crab), akagai (ark shell clam), crunchy kazunoko (herring roe) and chuutoro (medium fatty tuna belly):

My Premium Chirashi (1944yen), with similar toppings to hubby's Extra Special Sushi Set but with salmon, tobiko (flying fish roe) and tamagoyaki (egg omelet). Delicious!

Green Tea Ice Cream (378yen), a safe choice for dessert:

Shiratama Zenzai (sweet rice balls with anko (red bean paste), 378yen). A delicious and light dessert:

Fukuzushi gets our thumbs ups!

1-24 Asahimachi,
Furano, Hokkaido
Japan 076-0026
Tel. +81 167-23-2617

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