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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yummy kamameshi @ Fukutei, New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido, Japan)

It has only been two months since we were in Japan, yet I already miss it so. Especially the dining experience - the ever polite greeting and excellent service, the oshibori (wet towel, warm in winter, cold in summer) to refresh and clean, and the consistently excellent quality of ingredients. We can experience that same level of Japanese dining experience in Hong Kong too, but at a dear price. We ate this seafood meal at the airport just prior to boarding the plane back to Hong Kong. We wanted to eat one last Japanese meal before we departed, and we had to walk from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal before we found some traditional Japanese restaurants. We chose Fukutei because there wasn't a wait for a table (we were kinda in a hurry), and it was a decent choice. There are several Fukutei restaurants around Hokkaido, and this particular one specialised in seafood and kamameshi ("kettle rice"), a type of rice dish cooked in an iron pot called kama. Service was brisk and efficient, and we were in and out with plenty of time to make our way back to the international terminal for our flight. The food was delicious, and I wish we could enjoy such meals regularly without breaking the bank!

Oyster and Scallops Kamameshi (1460yen) with a bowl of miso soup, hot dashi in a thermal flask and various toppings (nori, green onion, wasabi and sesame seeds). I ate half the kamameshi as it was in the pot, and then ate the remaining half as an ochazuke with the dashi and toppings:

Plump oyster and scallops on a flavourful rice base:

Ginshari Prawn Tempura (1940yen), included miso soup and rice (ginshari ("silver rice") is the Japanese term for white rice). I don't like deep fried foods, but I do appreciate that tempura are crispy without being too greasy:

All trips must come to an end, but we made sure we ended this trip on a belly full of Japanese seafood!

3rd Floor
Domestic Terminal Building
New Chitose Airport
Tel. +81 (123) 25 8222

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