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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Brunch date @ Brunch Club & Supper, Hong Kong

I never envisioned myself to pick up such a strong coffee habit. In fact I used to dislike the stuff, but I began drinking the stuff after my son was weaned from breastfeeding, to deal with the seemingly never-ending sleep deprivation. What started out as necessity eventually grew into appreciation as I discovered that I actually do enjoy drinking a well-brewed coffee from good beans. Hubby indulged me with a Nespresso machine for my birthday a few months ago, which means I get to enjoy a good cuppa every morning! What does coffee have to do with this blog post? Well, this post features three types of coffees from one visit. Before we went on our trip to California, hubby and I snuck in another brunch date, this time at the Brunch Club & Supper in Causeway Bay. Again, we met after my BJJ class and after hubby had dropped our 6-year-old off in his two back-to-back lessons - Lego Robotics and Space Kids - and we enjoyed a little more than one hour brunching and chatting. We have been to the Brunch Club in Central a few times before, so it was good to finally try out the Causeway Bay branch. The interior was spacious with a grungy urban style that was strangely cosy and comfortable. I thought the service was a notch better than at the Central branch, and staff was friendly and cheerful. The brunch menu was the same, and I would say that the quality of the food and coffee was also quite similar. This is a popular joint, so expect a wait during peak meal periods on weekends. The following photos were taken with my phone camera (I don't pack my camera to the gym!), and fortunately the quality is not too shabby!

The urban loft design of Brunch Club & Supper:

This brunch club has a bar too:

Hubby's cappuccino and my mocha:

Hubby had a Mix Grill (HK$105) which included two eggs any style (scrambled), choice of bread (walnut & raisin), bacon, chicken breast, gammon ham, pork sausage, fried onions, grilled tomato, baked beans and hash brown. This is certainly not for those on a weight-loss diet!

I ordered a Two Eggs & Two Toppings on Toast (HK$72), and chose poached eggs and English muffin with avocado and smoked salmon. Essentially an eggs benedict with my favourite extras but without the hollandaise, which I don't like anyway. The yolks were a lovely bright orange, and runny - yay!

Hubby and I shared the Iced Mocha (which we agreed didn't taste as nice as the hot version - I think coffee is best drunk hot):

We also indulged in a stack of pancakes with berries and chocolate Movenpick ice cream:

We enjoyed our brunch at the Brunch Club & Supper, and will probably be back again for future brunch dates!

[The prices above do not include the 10% service charge.]

Brunch Club & Supper
1st Floor
13 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2890 2125

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  1. Coffee is like the best ever! Lol glad you are loving coffee now. I heard abt this place when I was doing some research for our meals in Hk. This looks like our kind of food actually!