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Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunday brunch @ Cafe Deco (The Peak, Hong Kong)

A couple of months ago, a friend's father was visiting Hong Kong for a short week, so we took the opportunity to have lunch with my friend Steph, her hubby and her dad at a nice scenic spot in HK: Cafe Deco at The Peak. I first met Uncle C a few years ago, and he has become such a great family friend. He and his family showed us awesome hospitality when we first visited California in 2012, and he did the same again when we went to California again earlier this year to attend Steph's wedding. He visits his daughter often in HK, at least once a year, and we always make it a point to meet up with him whenever he is over in our part of the world. I think it is important to spend more time with older people - be they the parents, older relatives or friends - as we can glean a lot of wisdom from them.

The buffet dishes were spread along one side of the dining room:

We had been to Cafe Deco once before with family, so we knew that it is a good choice for delicious food and fantastic views of HK. Cafe Deco offers only brunch buffet on Sundays, for HK$488 per adult and HK$198 for children over 3. In addition to the buffet spread, we could also order a made-to-order special dish from a selection of seven choices. To be honest, we probably would have booked elsewhere if we had known that there was no a-la-carte option on Sunday. However, the Sunday brunch buffet worked out well, as it gave our group plenty of choices to suit our various requirements and preferences. Cafe Deco is very family friendly, with a nice play area for the young ones and an entertainer on Sundays to do fun stuff with the kiddies. When I was booking our table over the phone, I was asked if I wanted a table near the play area; I chose a window table instead since we would have an overseas visitor in our group. Our kids got to enjoy the play area after they were finished with lunch.

The cold seafood table is always a big draw at any buffet. I loved the oysters:

Some sushi, sashimi and Japanese-style salads:

Hubby's round one:

Sliced baguette, naan, smoked salmon roll and quiche:

One of the made-to-order dishes - traditional chicken congee:

Also from the made-to-order menu, the creamy scrambled eggs on toasted English muffin featured Canadian sustainable sea urchin:

Uni ikura donburi (Alaskan salmon caviar on Japanese rice with sea urchin) looked very pretty:

Some of the dessert spread:

Waffles and pastries with various toppings. Each guest got an ice cream voucher to use at the ice cream parlour, and the ice cream would make a great topping for the waffles:

The play area with the hired entertainer:

There are of course better options for brunch and buffet elsewhere in HK, but Cafe Deco provides a nice dining option at the Peak with gorgeous views of Hong Kong - perfect for bringing overseas guests.

[Prices quoted above do not include the 10% service charge.]

Cafe Deco
Level 1-2, Peak Galleria
118 Peak Road
The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2849 5111

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