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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The best pineapple cakes in Taipei @ SunnyHills, Taipei

The most popular edible souvenir in Taiwan is the pineapple cake. There are so many shops selling pineapple cake, and truly one can make a free (albeit unhealthy) meal out of sampling pineapple cakes. We visited two of most popular bakeries in Taipei: Chia Te (where I discovered their delicious egg tarts, and SunnyHills. I'd also bought pineapple cakes from a few other shops for comparison's sake. I'm only reviewing SunnyHills here because their pineapple cake was unanimously voted by my household to be better than Chia Te's pineapple cakes. That's not to say that Chia Te's pineapple cakes are inferior - the quality and range of products and the variety of pineapple cakes offered by Chia Te is incomparable. SunnyHills specialises only in pineapple cakes, hence it should follow that theirs would trump over others. SunnyHills was a bit of a trek from the nearest MRT station, but we were welcomed with a cup of tea and a small pineapple cake. I certainly wasn't expecting that, so it was a pleasant surprise. They even gave a cake and a cup of water each for our little ones. This is a brilliant marketing idea, as I was able to sample a full piece of cake, and not just a tiny morsel of mostly crust or filling, which ensured that I bought something before leaving the store.

The simple entrance:

Our complimentary cakes and tea waiting for us while we sorted out our babies and strollers:

The products offered by SunnyHills - two different boxed quantities of pineapple cakes (10 or 15), oolong tea and 100%
pineapple juice

A cup of tea and cake for me, and water and cake for baby:

Delicious. I love the crust, and the not-too-sweet not-too-tart filling that actually resembles pineapple fruit:

Sunny Hills
No. 1, Alley 4, Lane 36, Section 5
Minsheng East Road
Songshan District, Taipei City
Taiwan 105
Tel. +886 2 2760 0508

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