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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ukrainian brunch (and flavoured vodka!) @ Dacha, Hong Kong

Not long ago, HK DiningCity held a brunch special involving a selection of participating restaurants during which time we could buy one meal, get the second meal for 50% off. Ever the bargain-hunter, I couldn't resist having a look for a family brunch out on a Sunday. There were some really good well-known and reputable restaurants on the list! Unfortunately the popular ones were the first ones to be fully booked out on Sunday brunch. Out of the remaining available restaurants, Dacha caught my eye because East European cuisine is not very common here. Dacha is a Russian term for a holiday home, and the food here has a rustic, homely style. There was one poor young guy managing the whole dining floor, and though he was apologetic, I thought he did a brilliant job. He was very friendly, and even gave me a generous taste of one of the flavoured vodka that was on the counter (a great marketing strategy on his part, because we ended up getting two shots to try the two flavours on the counter!). He told us that the owner's father distills his own vodka at a distillery somewhere, and there were many flavours for us to try out on a night out without kids. And we did make our way back there for our date night out the following Saturday, and had the Vodka Set of 12 different flavoured vodka. We were perhaps a tad ambitious sharing 12 shots between the two of us over a 1.5 hour period (we didn't want to keep the nanny up too late), but we managed to walk and take the MTR home without any incident! That was such a fun night out!

Cheery and homely interior at Dacha:

Siberian Pelmeni (HK$95) - delicious Russian meat dumplings, and the baby ate almost all of it:

Hubby got the Dacha Breakfast (HK$128), featuring bacon, eggs and pierogi. It was delicious and filling:

The Ukrainian Breakfast (HK$125), ordered for the boy who loves sausages. Scrambled was his choice of eggs, and though he did not touch the tomato or the arugula leaves, he polished off the rest of the plate:

My Avocado Burger (HK$128) surpassed my expectations. I thought it would be a burger with bread buns with a slice of avocado, but instead I got a full avocado! Smoked salmon, avocado and sour cream is always a winning combo, and the tomato salsa with the corn chips gave the dish a Mexican flair:

The Broken Flowerpot (HK$125), a delicious chocolate dessert that was fun to look at and eat:

Hubby and I enjoyed the Very Berry (HK$98) dessert on our date night out, which had a sweet pierogi with berry filling:

The Vodka Set (HK$825) of 12 flavoured vodkas. Just don't ask me to remember all the flavours! The sweet ones were delicious:

[The above prices do not include the 10% service charge.]

Dacha Restaurant & Bar
Ground Floor, Wing On Building
38-40 Hollywood Rd
Central, Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2420 3555

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