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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Munz Swiss Premium 70% Cacao

Another one to add to my chocolate-related entries. This is one of our favourite not-so-expensive dark chocolate bars - a 100g block of Munz Swiss Premium Chocolate (70% Cacao) costs around 200 yen. Very smooth texture, and a rich chocolatey taste with just the right touch of sweetness. When we first tasted this, we were pleasantly surprised by the subtle hint of hazelnuts because it is not advertised on the packaging (it's not even in the name!). An inspection of the ingredient list reveals that hazelnuts are indeed used, which is a nice bonus because we love hazelnuts.

The Swiss sure know how to make good chocolate - they were pioneers in many of the techniques of chocolate processing, including inventing the conching method to produce smooth-melt-on-your-tongue chocolate, which was invented by none other than the great Lindt. Indeed, Swiss chocolates is at the top of our list of favourite chocolates, and will probably remain there.

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