The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Greek, Northbridge

This is the last restaurant review from our recent trip to Perth. Rob organised dinner on Saturday night with his friends prior to clubbing the night away, and I tagged along with a couple of my friends who'd promised me some karaoke-ing. Rob has wanted to try The Greek in Northbridge on James St for some time, so we took the opportunity on this trip to book dinner at this restaurant.

We had a peculiar encounter with the guy who took our booking. We walked into the restaurants a couple of nights prior to our planned dinner, and informed the manager that we wanted to book a table. He looked at us almost suspiciously before proceeding to ask the usual questions like booking time and number of people. He then requested in an almost reprimanding manner that we honour the booking or contact them should any of the booking details change. It was bizarre, because it made us wonder if he wanted our business or not. Believe me, we were very tempted to spite the guy to go elsewhere on the night, but we are good people and honoured our booking like we said we would.

Like many cafes, restaurants and diners on James Street, The Greek had an al fresco dining area. The facade gives an impression that the interior is quite small, but once inside, you discover a spacious floor set-up. The table arrangements are quite spacious, which makes for a nice relaxing atmosphere. Service of the waitstaff was friendly and reasonable, but we had to ask several times for water. I think we probably waited half an hour before we could have a drink.

The food was excellent and compensated well for the questionable service. I chose the Seafood Pot ($32.50), which was served in a huge bowl and included crabs (in shell), prawns, calamari, mussels and pieces of fish in a beautifully rich tomato seafood soup. The seafood was fresh, the soup was delicious, and yeah, the crab legs were messy to eat, but oh-so-good!

Rob has been quite keen to know more about Greek food, so he chose a standard Greek dish: the Lamb Souvlaki ($29.50), which came with toasted pita bread and tzatziki. We thought that the price was a bit steep for a souvlaki, but the serving size was quite big. It tasted good, but not being a red meat person, I have a definite preference for my seafood dish. You can't find lamb anywhere on the menus in Japan (not easily anyway) so this was a good chance for Rob to try a Greek dish and savour some lamb meat.

We had a good time over dinner, chatting and catching up with our friends. After dinner, we brought them to try some icey treats at Icey Ice, then Rob & Co. played some pool whilst my friends and I enjoyed some singing at Utopia. We then headed to our favourite club for some clubbing action at the Rise, and surprisingly, Rob wanted to retire before I did! That doesn't happen very often with Rob! It was a good way to spend our final night in Perth - thanks guys!!


  1. Your seafood dish looks delicious! But I wanted to ask ... was it filling? I'm always cautious about eating at non-asian places simply because they don't serve rice! I look at caucasian dishes and all I can think of is that if I was in an asian restaurant I'd have the dish AND rice to go with it!

  2. The bowl is quite large, and it was pretty filling (and I didn't have entree). The other person who ordered the same dish could not finish everything, and she ate only one of the crab legs! (Rob obligingly finished off the remaining crab.) I always have the main course first (at non-Asian restaurants) to see if I can finish it, and order entree after if I am still hungry.
    I didn't mention is that use an Entertainment Card (25% off the bill) if you have one.