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Friday, 6 June 2014

Kishimen noodles @ Miya Kishimen Takesaburo [LACHIC branch], Nagoya (Japan)

One of the great foodie things about Japan is that many food establishments specialise in only one ingredient or dish, and the typical Japanese perfectionist mentality will ensure that the food served is of excellent quality and prepared to a high level of standard. Each region of Japan is famous for certain food, and one of the food items that Nagoya is known for is kishimen - a broad, flat noodle that looks like kuey teow but made with wheat instead of rice. Miya Kishimen is one of Nagoya's more famous shops specializing in kishimen with several branches, including one that was conveniently close to our hotel in Sakae. The shop at the LACHIC shopping centre was full with a queue when we visited at lunch time on a weekday. We waited for a short while before being shown to our table. Service was polite and efficient, and the food was delicious!

Daikon Salad - crunchy and refreshing with a good amount of mitsuba and katsuobushi. Loved it with the sesame dressing:

Hubby chose Kishimen Salad with Sesame Dressing, which was divine! We love goma-dare (sesame sauce), and it worked really well with the noodles:

I'm more of a purist, especially when trying out a new food, so I ordered the Zaru Kishimen, a chilled noodle dish with mentsuyu (a light sauce for dipping the noodles into). The noodles were firm and chewy, and the tempura vegetables were perfectly crispy and not greasy at all:


We also tried another Nagoya specialty, Tebasaki (Japanese deep-fried chicken wing). This is the normal version, with spices and sesame seeds. I can see why this is popular in Nagoya:

This was the 'sweet' (not spicy) version for the boy, sans sesame seeds as requested due to allergies:

Hubby was still a little peckish, so he ordered the Crab Korokke. The Japanese do deep-fried foods very well, with no greasiness at all!

Miya Kishimen is a great place to sample kishimen and other Japanese food.

Miya Kishimen Takesaburo
7th Floor LACHIC
3-6-1 Sakae
Naka-ku, Nagoya
Tel. +81 5 2 259 6717

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