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Monday, 9 June 2014

Picturesque Portofino (Italy)

Portofino is not only known as the resort for the rich and famous, but also for its beauty. I found it difficult to pick just a few photos to share of Portofino because the location was so beautiful that all my photos turned out great. One of my aunts-in-law who is very well-travelled the world over, named Portofino as her most favourite place, and it is easy to see why. She and her husband loved this picturesque fishing village (and upmarket resort) so much, that they rented the castle for a few hours and got married there. And what beautiful wedding pictures they must have! We were in Portofino for only a few hours and we wished we had more time to linger.

Approaching the marina:

First thing - gelato! Pricey, but delicious:

Castello Brown nestled in the hills above, as viewed from the marina:

Such pristine water, even inside the marina where the yachts were parked:

Pastel-coloured buildings lining the shore of the harbour:

After a bit of a hike up the hills, we were inside Castello Brown, which also serves as a museum with various artefacts belonging to the Browns:

The view of the marina from the castle:

Various paintings on display inside Castello Brown:

The facade of the castle from the garden:

The following series of panoramas were taken from Castello Brown, from west to east. Click on images for larger version.

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  1. that is just gorgeous views! And I would have gone for the gelato too! haha.