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Friday, 8 June 2007

French Chocolate: Poulain 76% and 86% noir

Poulain chocolates (315yen for 100g) have "1848" branded into their chocolate pieces and packaging because 1848 was the year that the French chocolatier Poulain founded this brand name. Sounds nice, but upon closer inspection of the packaging, we found that this brand name is owned by confectionary giant, Cadbury. It tastes better than the usual Cadbury chocolates, so I'm not complaining.

The texture of this chocolate is not as smooth as the Swiss or Lotte ones. The 86% is only a touch more bitter and has a slightly rougher texture than the 76% one. I don't find the 85% noir is too bitter as it contains enough sugar to just balance out the bitterness. Taste-wise, we prefered this over the German chocolate, but I would rank this below the Belgian, Swiss and Lotte chocolates

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