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Thursday, 13 October 2016

A fantastic fishy lunch @ Fish Bar (Marriott), Hong Kong

It's the kids' schools' mid-term break and my son's got his birthday coming up, so I've been super busy juggling party planning and cake-making with the rugrats at home. Sleep training the littlest one is also keeping me busy, and this blog has unfortunately been sitting on the back burner. But I still make time to go out and eat every weekend! It's a nice treat, and also a lot of work dining out with three little ones, but I don't have to slave away in a hot kitchen cooking and cleaning up! A couple of weekends ago, we revisited an old favourite we hadn't been to for years: the Fish Bar. We love the casual setting, the great service and the simply awesome fresh fish! The food here may be more expensive than elsewhere, but the fish is certified sustainable, and the outdoor casual setting means the kids can be noisy without causing us too much embarrassment. The blackboard menu lists out the different fish available, and you could choose char-grilled, pan-seared or blackened, with mashed potato, fat chips or baked potato. All comes with salad and seasonal vegetables.

Boy wanted the Mini Burger and Chips from the kids menu, with a different bread substituted for the burger bun which contained sesame (which he is severely allergic to). Absolutely scrumptious, and the chips disappeared faster than you can say "would you like fries with that?":

Hubby's sole fillet (HK$290), pan-seared with fat chips:

I love pomfret, and I could not resist ordering this again, char-grilled with my choice of creamy mashed potato:

The sides of garden salad with peas and corn:

[Prices quoted above do not include the 10% service charge.]

Fish Bar
JW Marriott
Pacific Place
88 Queensway,
Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2810 8366

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