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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Re-review of some Perth restaurants

This last visit to Perth, we spent a lot of time with Rob's dad and ate at new places nearby his home in Roleystone. We also visited our old favourites like dimsim at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, Japanese food at Taka's, seafood at Fishy Affair and Korean at Tookbegi.

The dimsum fare at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant was the same old, same old - good, but on the pricey side. It left us yearning for the yummy and cheap dimsum served at the now-defunct Hoi's Kitchen.

At Taka's (cnr of Beaufort and Wellington Streets in Perth), I discovered that the price has increased by $1 (to $11) for the large sashimi plate and large assorted sushi meal - which is still a pretty good deal. I was also pleasantly surprised that the quality of the food had improved too, which IMO justified the price increase. So if you want decent, well-priced sushi and sashimi, head to Taka's.

Meanwhile, at Fishy Affair, the Seafood Platter wasn't as great as we remembered. The variety on the platter didn't wow us, perhaps because we have since been exposed to a great variety of really good seafood in Japan.

Nearing the end of this visit, I was craving some spicy Korean food, and the bibimbap at Tookbegi hit the spot pretty good. It's great to see a Korean diner run by Koreans and patroned by Koreans - a good sign that the food is as authentic as it can get in Perth.

We tried a few new places too - there were good and there were forgettable ones. Reviews to follow soon.

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